Skincare Concerns


Can I use beauty dept if I have sensitive skin?

We are very proud to say that you absolutely can; all of our products are safe for sensitive skin! Our ‘Summer’ natural gradual tan is free of harsh synthetic colourants, is cruelty-free, free of PEGs, propylene glycol and parabens.  All of the good stuff... none of the bad.

Beauty dept “Calm” nourishing oil face pads are formulated with calming antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them the perfect choice for sensitive skin. Cold-pressed plant oils deliver instant hydration with a non-greasy feel that leave your skin and mind soothed.

However, we always recommend patch testing any skincare product on the body before using it on your face, as allergies and sensitivity vary between all individuals. When introducing tanning products onto the face, we recommend to start slow. Our Man tan and Summer tan are both natural gradual tanners that give you a beautiful golden tan, so a patch test will allow you to see what colour it goes on your skin and build from there. As always: Listen to your skin.


If I have dry skin, what are the best beauty dept products for me?

All our beauty dept products are suitable for you! But in particular our hydrate essential oil face pads. Hydrate is our most deeply moisturising product, full of apricot, jojoba, lavender and rosemary oils. Oh, and both Man tan and Summer tan will not only leave you (boys and girls) with the beautiful beauty dept glow, they leave your skin hydrated, supple and smooth - just check out the reviews!



If I have teenage skin, what are the best beauty dept products for me?

All products are fine for oily/combination skin-types, but we especially recommend our Calm nourishing oil face pads & ‘Summer’ natural gradual tan. Both are free of harsh synthetic colourants, are vegan, free of PEGs, propylene glycol and parabens, so they're designed to soothe & protect all skin types. All of the good stuff... none of the bad.


If I have acne, is it okay to use beauty dept?

Yes! In particular, we recommend Calm biodegradable pads; they not only soothe your sensitive skin but will leave your skin glowing (without that greasy feel). Ease them into your skincare routine at first to see how your skin feels and then begin to build frequency of use. Our beauty dept natural gradual tans are also for sensitive skin and are green-based, so great for counteracting skin redness! All of our beauty dept products;

  1. Oily skin can still be very dehydrated, and hydrating face oil is a potent, rapid way to fix this. Oily skin occurs when the skin's oil content is out of whack, causing it to overproduce sebum (the "oil" that causes blackheads, congestion, blemishes etc). This is usually from over-cleansing and exfoliating, which strips away all the skin's natural oils and leaves it thirsty... which the body tries to compensate for by producing more sebum. Because of this, the right face oil can actually clear up blemished and congested skin over time. Imagine that!
  2. The skin needs moisture AND oil to work properly. Using just moisturiser isn't enough. Oils work as the skin's lipid barrier, acting like a kind of cling wrap to keep good moisture in, and protect against dryness.


Why use essential oils in our tans?

Our goal was to come up with healing and moisturizing essential oils for both of our beauty dept tans. Male and female skin is very different in texture, so it was about developing a perfect combination of essential oils that would benefit both female and mantan. I call it the yin and yang of tan. Each essential oil has been carefully considered for the calming and soothing benefits for all skin types.

Lavender Rosemary & Lemongrass - Thanks to these essential oils, any redness or blemishes are soothed and diminished, leaving the skin hydrated with the benefits of lemongrass. This aromatic and relaxing ingredient acts as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant, fighting bacteria. It is yet just one of the organic and vegan ingredients in Man tan that creates the beauty dept golden glow for our men. The other key plant oils in the Man tan not only have a beautiful scent but reduce redness and soothe dry skin conditions, improving the appearance of the skin.


Why use beauty dept summer tan?

Yes to getting that perfect summer beauty glow that not only has the combination of essential oils that remind us of summer, but also gives the perfect golden colour.

Below are some key facts about our beauty dept summer tan…

  1. Unique combination of ingredients that moisturise the skin, leaving it silky and smooth (without streaks)!
  2. Enriched with the antioxidant benefits of vitamin E.
  3. Combination of Orange sweet and Palmarosa oils to luxuriously soften the skin without blocking the pores.
  4. Contains the soothing and energizing benefits of Ylang Ylang.


Returns & Refunds

How to track your parcel with Australia Post?

You'll find your tracking number in your shipment confirmation. 
You can click on the tracking number which will take you through to Australia Post's tracking portal or you can enter the number here.

For parcel enquiries you can contact Australia Post directly on 137 678
If you have been through these processes and still cannot locate your parcel, please email us at info@beautydepartment.com.au

How long will my order take to arrive?

All methods of shipping provide for tracking. We do not accept Post Office Box numbers. The products displayed on the site are subject to availability and may change from time to time. Supply problems and unexpected demand may result in certain products being unavailable or the shipment of such products being delayed and, accordingly, the above shipping times set out are estimates only. We will not be responsible or liable for delayed shipping under any circumstances.

The order within Australia will take 2 -3 days, due to delays with covid this can take longer.

 Shipping Method Total Delivery Time
Australia Post Express eParcel, Go People, Toll, Couriers Please. 1- 3 business days.
Australia Post eParcel

2 - 6 business days.


What if my order hasn't arrived in the estimated time?

Please note that our shipping guidelines are based on the estimated time of arrival from the dispatch date, not the date your order is placed.

Please be advised that our delivery time guidelines are based on business days, which only includes Monday - Friday and excludes public holidays.

For Victorian addresses who have nominated Australia Post Express as their delivery service, your parcel may be delivered on a Saturday.

If you believe your order is outside the specified time range of delivery, and you are having your parcel delivered to a business address, please check the mailroom or reception for your parcel.

If your parcel is being delivered to a home address and you have left delivery instructions, please check around your property (such as the meter box, carport etc) for somewhere safe the delivery driver may have left your parcel.

Please check your confirmation email to confirm your delivery address was correct.


How much does shipping costs?

  • Shipping within Australia: 15 Dollars Express
  • International Shipping: 30 Dollars standard rate


What if an item is out of stock?

If the product you ordered is out of stock you will be contacted right away and given the option for your money back. We will inform you exactly when the stock comes back in.


Can I return something I've purchased?

We are happy to offer a store credit, exchange, or refund on an item you've purchased from us - simply contact us within 90 days of your order date.


Change of Mind

If you've had a change of heart about an item you have ordered, we'll need to receive it back to us unopened and unused, in the original packaging.


Faulty Item

If the item you have received is faulty, please contact us with a detailed description of the product fault, and a photo if possible.


Allergy Return

In the rare instance you've had an allergic reaction to a product, please take a photo of the reaction and discontinue use of the product immediately.


Incorrect Item/Damaged on Arrival

If you have received an item that isn't what you ordered, or it arrived damaged, please take a photo and contact us within 7 days of delivery.

Please don't dispose of the item until we've had a chance to chat with you!


Can I buy Beauty Dept as a gift and have it shipped as one?



Product & Ingredients 

Can I buy beauty dept in any shops?

Yes you can, look at our 'stockist' page to find our wonderful stockists.


Is Beauty Dept tested on animals?

No! All products are cruelty-free and vegan.


Does Beauty Dept tans contain nasties?

Both tans are nasty-free and naturally derived, except for the preservative which is naturally identical. 

This is 'naturally identical' because it is not commercially viable to obtain these ingredients from nature directly. Having a good quality, skin compatible preservative is essential, so we chose a nature identical one for your product to match the rest of our naturally derived ingredients. 


Who develops beauty dept products?

Meet Rita, our developer. 

With over 20 years industry and bench experience, Rita holds a unique space in all aspects of skincare development and formulation. Having worked with some of the world’s leading brands and multinationals, Rita brings in-depth scientific ingredient knowledge to every formulation.

Rita has developed all of our beauty dept products. We not only love the fact that everything is Australian Made, we also work closely with Rita to bring you the best natural, sustainable skin care. Rita uses the most beautiful ingredients to give you the best results.


Is Beauty Dept packaging environmentally friendly?

We make considered choices with our packaging to ensure our brand stays at its most sustainable, and are consistently researching new and improved ways to manage our environmental impact. 

We are proud to say that all beauty dept products are created with 100% biodegradable materials and all packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Beauty dept ensure not only the best and most natural of ingredients in their products, but are determined to maintain a minimal environmental footprint. 


Oh no! I have experienced a breakout since using beauty dept!

Please contact us ASAP: Nadine our creator is a make-up artist so will be able to help you out with advice on what is going on with your skin.



Press & Media 

How can I let beauty dept know I am quite the fan?

We would love you to write a review of the product, we love hearing all your feedback!


Where should I direct my press inquiry?

We handle all of our press in house, please email info@beautydepartment.com.au


How do I contact Beauty Dept?

Please just email us info@beautydepartment.com.au


Can I order by telephone?

No all orders are done over the website. If you want to stock our products just send us an email info@beautydepartment.com.au


What payment methods does Beauty Dept accept?

Payment for purchases may be made by either one of the following methods: Visa or Mastercard.

All credit card orders placed online are via our secure server which has 128 bit data encryption to protect your privacy.

We also offer afterpay as another form of payment.


Can't find your answer?

No luck finding the answer to your question? Don’t stress, the beauty dept team is here to support. Send the beauty dept Customer Service team an email. We love hearing from you, simply send as an email at info@beautydepartment.com.au