Healing effects of Palmarosa Oil

We love sharing the natural and organic ingredients in Beauty Department products, and you’ve loved hearing about them! So next up  Beauty Dept beautiful and  healing Palmarosa oil.

Palmarosa or Indian Geranium, is an oil deriving from the leaves of the tropical grass often found in India, Africa and Madagascar. Palmarosa oil has a similar nature to lemongrass or citronella and gives off a refreshing rose-like scent.

The health benefits of this multi-purpose oil range from antiseptic properties and hydrating particles to balancing out skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Infact it’s so good at ridding the body of nasty bacteria and aiding digestion that many cultures have been adding Palmarosa oil into food for centuries!

Beauty Dept’s Summer gradual tan uses Palmarosa oil as it soothes your skin, keeping your body in beautiful, healthy form. This oil helps retain moisture in skin tissue and seals in all the nourishing elements of Summer – including the tan!

It also helps your skin stay supple and elastic by rejuvenating cells and aiding conditions such as dermatitis and scarring.

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