Cleansing Pads For Face: A Girls Best Friend

What is a cleansing pad?

These beauty dept cleansing pads are 100 percent cotton and biodegradable. There is enough oil for 2 applications, one in the morning and one just before bed.

Infused with organic ingredients, our hydrate cleansing pads easily remove makeup, dirt and impurities leaving a natural “beauty dept’ glow that won’t cost the earth.

Jojoba and Apricot oils leave skin super soft, hydrated and resilient while the Lavender and Rosemary oils smooth and uplift the senses.

Regular daily use of the hydrate cleansing pad will help reduce wrinkles, dryness, sensitivity and irritation.


Should I use a cleansing pad?

That is a big yes! Beauty dept oil cleansing pads are a no-mess cleansing solution, hydrate pads effectively remove make-up on the go, when you're on a plane and just every day for a hydrated beauty dept glow.

Beauty dept cleansing pads not only have huge benefits for your skin, they are  also sustainable and biodegradable. Wipes have a huge impact on the environment, lining our beaches and sitting in landfills. 

So your skin will not only be hydrated, glowing and super soft, you will feel better knowing that the pads are eco-friendly game-changers.

How do you use facial cleansing pads

Step 1 

How does it work?

Beauty dept hydrate cleansing pads are saturated in glow boosting and hydrating oil that leave your skin with a fresh glow.

Step 2

Start with the eye area first as this is where the most stubborn makeup is, then move on to the rest of the face. Gently wipe the face with a cleaning pad, removing all traces of face and eye makeup. Don't forget to use both sides of the pad too!

Step 3

We think you should use beauty dept cleansing pads everyday. Our hydrate pads are beautiful and soft. Too finish off your routine use on the neck, shoulders and chest. ( or anywhere else you’d like to boost radiance.

The essential oils are all especially mixed together to give your skin the best results.

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